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Say Goodbye To 2021 With Laughter: 13 Funny Dog and Puppy Videos To Enjoy


In 2020 we were all hit with the Covid pandemic which lead to quarantines, wearing masks, getting tests, and worrying if we might survive this. 2021 wasn't all that better with high unemployment rates, masses of employees resigning or quitting because they refuse to work in unfair conditions any longer, and then two new variants of the virus for us all to worry about as well. What is a person to do?!

Simple! Laugh at some cute puppy, dog, cat, and pet video compilations, that's what! We hope these bring a smile to your face, reduce anxiety and stress, and help you get through what remains of 2021. Enjoy!

We begin with the Funniest Dogs of TikTok compiled by The Dog Squad
Life With Puppies gives us a “Try Not To Laugh” challenge, but I think a lot of these videos are more cute than funny!
Daily Dose of Laughter lives up to its channel name with its funny dog video compilation.
Funny Animals' Life channel has some great videos in their 2021 video collection!
Mai PM shows us that anger can lead to joy and laughter when you're a cute pup!
PupperTV also gives us a “Try Not To Laugh” challenge, but these may just make your heart melt – although there are some suprises, too!
Animals Like People channel is unique by adding voices to the pets being featured, adding some more comedy to the moments witnessed!
I don't care who you are – Corgies are just freaking adorable and don't know how darn cute they really are! Thanks, Animals PM!
Okay, maybe I am biased, but I just love Corgies! They always make me feel better when I am feeling down. These come from FunMomy.
Fluppy's assortment of funny dog videos had me cracking up from the start!
Fluff Planet has some goodies in store for us pet lovers, from bad behavior caught on camera to just overall funny cuteness.
Woofs and Grrrs channel shows us that another winning action for hilarity is pets acting in stupid, silly ways!
Finally, we end our funny escapade with the number one guaranteed humorous thing: Funny fart videos!