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Minecraft Pet Homes: Top 10 Building Plans


Whether you own a real-life dog or other family pet, or you would like to try your hand at building things in the popular game Minecraft, then this article is just for you!

“But wait – why Minecraft – Isn't this a blog about real dogs and pets?” I hear you ask. Yes, that is true, but when you love dogs as much as we do, it does lend itself to other aspects including our gaming. I mean, just think about it: One of the popular add-ons for the Sims is the addition of pets! Pets, whether digital or flesh-and-blood, fulfill our lives and bring us so much joy – so why not make them an awesome abode in our favorite building game?

On to the videos!

First up we have a lovely house with a bone decoration for our favorite Minecraft pooch.
Of course, if you want to be more protective from the elements, there's always a house with a brick roof!
Perhaps your precious pupper prefers the simpler things in life, like a house that is similar to a kennel…
Then again, perhaps the percotious pooch would rather dwell in a high-end house with a fenced-in yard…
But then again, being that we are publishing this at the end of 2021, there's always the house that celebrates pumpkin spice loving pups!
In the end, the virtual family dog really just needs a simple design that includes their water dish, food, and a closing door…
Oh, who are we fooling?! A nice cabin in the woods is perfect for our pernicious pooch!
However, for those who take things literally, there is always an actual DOG House!
But what if you don't have a dog as a pet? Perhaps you have something else like a parrot or even a polar bear?!
In that case, Grian has some fabulous designs for the fashion-forward fido and other precious pets!