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Making Dog Birthday Pupcakes – Remaking A Jenna Marbles Video


Quick note about this video:

There is a short (mildly sad) story in the beginning about how we got Jezabel. This is a huge part of our journey together. We've been through so much, and I wanted to share her story with my friends.

I decided to do my own version of this Jenna video because it is Jezabel's “birthday,” and she deserves all the love and gifts and special feelings that she can get. She's such a special girl. You wouldn't know it, but she wasn't feeling so good right before I filmed this. She gets so much joy from love and attention, so I am happy we could make this special for her because she makes my life special every day. Thank you for letting me share this!

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Some JnJ fans decided to get together and keep Wednesday / Thursday videos going by recreating come of our favorite Jenna content! Though we are all very sad about Jenna's hiatus or possible exit from YouTube, her mental health and overall wellness is more important than getting our content each week. We love and miss Jenna, and we just want to keep the light-hearted vibes going while also hopefully giving back to Jenna and the JnJ community with some (mediocre and significantly less… good) wholesome content!

We vote every Wednesday on the next week's videos and choose between two to recreate each week. Let me know if you are interested in joining our discord and I will send you a link!

Thanks for watching!


Jenna's Video:

My social:
IG // lailamelodie

Twitter // lailamelodie

Music from Epidemic Sound
“Jay Troit” by Lax Superlative

Filmed on:
Canon EOS M50 : Main shots in kitchen and during “Happy Birthday”
Samsung Galaxy S10 : Mixing bow shots and hand held at the end


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