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Starbucks Secret Menu: Puppuccino


Happiness at Starbucks isn’t limited to just Frappuccinos, Refreshers, and Espresso for you. Bring in your lovable & cute puppers for a Puppuccino! 

While their dog-friendly special menu consists of just one item, it is a very popular and beloved one, by both us and our furry friends! A fan favorite, a cup of whipped cream will be served in an espresso or sample-size cold beverage cup for your pooch. 

You can either ask for a Puppuccino by name or simply ask for some whipped cream in a cup for your pup. It’s one of the most popular Starbucks Secret Menu items and baristas are always happy to oblige.

Enjoy these cute pups who are enjoying a Puppuccino and the smell of Starbucks!

Sarge and his puppuccino ?: Violette Kizzire‎
Small cup for ya ♥

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