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What’s In My Dog Travel Bag? 16 Owners Share Their Secrets


We went to YouTube to research what items everyday pet owners pack inside their own dog bags when getting ready to travel, whether it's just a simple car day trip, going hiking and camping with your furry friend, or even a day at the beach. Here's what we were able to find:

Amber goes over what she puts inside her doggie bag for her pup Sophie
Romary Osorio shows what's in Maui's dog bag – “Whether it’s on a walk, to the dog park, or the beach, these puppy essentials come with us everywhere we go!”
Kaiolo Williams demonstrates what she places inside of her Corgi puppy Dexter's dog travel bag by Mobile Dog Gear.
Rachel Greene states, “Whether you're traveling with your dog for vacation or you're going on a hike close to home, hopefully you find this helpful!”
Rachel Fusado shows what's in Fin's bag, with all of his puppy essential needs! (The bag originally was a diaper bag – great reuse idea!)
Russell the Corgi also has his own dog bag supplied by his loving owner Marisa. She shows you what to bring to pick up your own puppy.
Kenissa packs her dog bag for her three Yorkies, Marley, Zoey, & Bailee with what she calls traveling essentials for your pups.
“We often go on a road trip with our dogs and always remember to pack the essentials for our pups with the PetAmi Dog Travel Bag.”
Juvandi displays a list of what she likes to pack when traveling with her precious pooch.
According to Hailey Cairo, “I Swear By This Dagne Dover Diaper Bag… For My Dogs! It's the best on-the-go doggy bag!”
Melissa presents what dog bag essentials to pack for a dog like her Austrailian Shepherd pup, Rocket.
Joey Kidney reports, “My doggy bag is pretty simple, but everything in it is essential.” These are his picks when it comes to his dog, Frankie.
Sydney Rhodes understands that keeping up with the water bowls, poop bags, treats, toys, etc. can be a hassle. Luckily, she's got something that will change the game for how you travel with your fur baby!
Ashley walks us through what's in her Husky's weekend doggie travel bag.
John Wick the Chow Chow's see-through dog bag is both stylish and utilitarian – Very cute!
Finally, the Butler's show their best recommendation for a dog bag that is kept in the car. This is used for their own fur baby, Juneau.