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Essential Oils For Dogs


Hi there, are you planning to use essential oils for your dog and have these following questions:

  1. Are Essential oils safe for my dog?
  2. What are the Essential oils that are safe for them?
  3. Can essential oils for dog anxiety really work?
  4. How can I make sure that my dog likes the essential oils that I'm using?

Your dog depends on you to do your best to look after their health. And we all now how expensive and dreadful it can be to make a visit to the vet…

So, here are the TOP 4 Essential Oils that will surely help your dog with certain types of ailments…

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The Dog Owner's Secret Handbook

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Here are 3 benefits of Lavender Essential Oil for our dogs!

1. Stress and Anxiety Relief
Lavender has calming effects not just in humans but for dogs too. You can rub lavender oil on your hands while handling your nervous dogs while you're grooming them or doing a simple check-up. Additionally, a lot of dogs are afraid of loud noises from firecrackers, thunder, etc…, and letting them breathe the scent of lavender will help to reduce anxiety and stress.

2. Natural Flea and Tick Repellent
You can use the Lavender Essential Oil to get rid of flea and ticks from your Fur Babies! Lavender is a natural insect repellent, you can simply spray it on your dogs to repel the pests without the irritating smell.

3. Can be used as Antiseptic
Lavender has antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which will help get rid of your dog's irritated skin and scratches. This is totally safe when used to properly so add this to your fur baby's first aid kit.

2. Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum is referred to as the Everlasting or Immortal Flower because it has numerous benefits to the skin so it is widely used in beauty products. That being said, Helichrysum Essential oil is also good for our furry friends, see the list below!

1. Preventing Infections
Helichrysum Essential Oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which will eliminate viruses and bacteria that might cause infection to our fur babies.

2. Healing Wounds
Helichrysum Essential Oil contains “Arzanol” an anti-inflammatory substance that helps to heal wounds in humans and animals.

3.Cedarwood Essential Oil

This is extracted from the Cedar Trees, clinical studies show that the Cedarwood essential has health and beauty benefits. Speaking of beauty, here are the 2 benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil to our BEAUTIFUL furry friends!

1. Insect Spray
Cedarwood Essential Oil has antibacterial properties that can be used as flea and tick repellent on our fur babies.

2. Good for Skin Problems
Having flea and ticks makes your dogs scratch themselves which can result in different skin problems. Cedarwood Essential Oil has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that will help to eliminate skin problems (1) and it can also help to grow your pup's fur in the affected area.

4.Lemon Essential Oil

Yes, a diluted version of Lemon Essential oil is good for your dog!
Here are the 2 benefits.

1.Relieves Anxiety
Dog's anxiety often occurs when it experiences a change of environment. For example, transferring to a new house or bringing them to a vet. Lemon Essential Oil has a citrus scent that gives a soothing feeling to your dogs leading to relaxation.

2. Spray
You can use Lemon Essential Oil as a disinfectant for it has antibacterial properties, simply spray it on your dog's house and places where he mostly lays around. Lemon Essential oil is also great to your dog's cracked paws and for the best result use it regularly until the cracks are gone.

5. Tips on How to Make Essential Oils Safe for Your Dog

1. Consider your dog's natural senses
Dogs have an amazing sense of smell so make sure not to using a concentrated Essential oil because it has a strong odor. Instead, use a diluted version so it's much more gentle to their nose. You can find essential oils diluting tips online.

2. Do Not Apply Essential Oils Directly to your Dog's Skin/Fur
Dogs normally lick their body so we encourage you to NOT use concentrated essential oils to them unless it was advised by a qualified expert.

3. Be Gentle in Introducing Essential oils to your Dogs
What I mean is do NOT FORCE your dog to smell the Essential oil. The proper way to Introduce it to them is by opening the bottle from a distance and observe how they react to the new smell. You should get an idea if they like it by watching their body signals like wagging their tail, or if they lick their lips or blink rapidly.

DO NOT let your dog lick the oil.

4. Avoid Applying Essential Oils on Your Skin
Dogs are sweet, and most of them love to lick their owners so be careful and wash your hands thoroughly. The essential oils will remain on your skin. Some of them will either love you or hate you for teasing them or bothering them from the smell of the essential oils you use on your dogs.

5. Make use of Diffusers
Try to invest in Aromatherapy Diffusers, this will make you enjoy the Scent of Essential oil with your dog plus the scent will much gentler compare to spraying directly to surfaces.

We all know that dogs have a sensitive smell so we recommend you use a Diluted version of Essential Oils to ensure the comfortability of your fur baby. Additionally, it is VERY IMPORTANT to consult your Veterinarian when allergic symptoms occur.

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