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Celebrities, Pride, Racism, Movie Making, And Little Dogs… With Love From Raul And Kurt


And now for something totally different from our past episodes… If you think you know what Hollywood life is all about, you might be missing some of the best, and the worst, that the west side has to offer. Grab some herbal tea and settle in for a fun and heartwarming chat with Raul Alonso-Evans and Kurt Evans, the locals behind the super-fun TV show WeHoSports. Our host, Brenda Carey, and former co-host of the show, has a ball gabbing with her old friends as they dish on their new movie, Kurt’s fashion statements, Raul’s health, what Kurt learned from his mother’s death, shocking dilemmas with the police and more! Leave your preconceived notions at the door because no one can resist the charm of these charismatic and entertaining guys! They have a lot to teach us all about living life with greater kindness. Oh, and don’t miss the bonus “Puppy Party” if you watch through to the end!

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Original music composed by Tia Ferguson.

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